Growing up in the small town of Wills Point, Texas, the Turner family enjoyed making toffee as gifts each Holiday season for family and friends. Their mother, Virginia Turner, taught them how to put just the right amount of love into each batch of toffee so that each batch would be the perfect confection for loved ones to enjoy.


Years later when Virginia’s three children were grown and in college, they decided to sell their homemade toffee to make some extra money. They could only make one pound at a time, which took thirty minutes to cook, so they made just enough to hand out samples at the YMCA were they worked. In three days they had nine hundred pounds ordered! Quickly they expanded the recipe and purchased five Fry Daddies at the Local Wal-Mart to make five-pound batches. They skipped classes the entire week and worked eight-hour shifts for five days straight to complete the orders. That is how Turner’s Candy Company was established in 2002.

The Turner Family

In March of 2004 their mother, Virginia, developed Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, an incurable degenerative neurological disorder. As her health declined, their father cared for her at home until she passed away in November 2006. Their lives took turns and toffee making stalled. When remembering the fun times they had as children with their mother in the kitchen, they decided to make toffee again, this time to honor their mother. In her memory, they changed the name of the company to Sweet Virginia’s Toffee and though they are all grown now, they still make the toffee with lots of love each Holiday season. Their family enjoys sharing the toffee – and the story of how it came to be. They know that their mother is smiling down at them each and every Holiday season remembering the wonderful days they had in the kitchen making homemade toffee.

We hope you enjoy Sweet Virginia’s Toffee as much as we do, and that you’ll share it with your friends and family too.

Ryan Turner
CEO / Founder

Oldest son of Virginia Turner.
Passionate about quality product. Candy making extrordinare.

Mackenzie Turner
CMO / Founding Partner

Daughter in law of Virginia Turner. Digitally savvy. Focused on branding and digital marketing.

Daniel Turner
COO / Founding Partner

Middle son of Virginia Turner. Born to optimize the process. Proudly keeps the heart of the business beating strong.

Tom Phillips
CFO / Founding Partner

Brother from another mother. Obviously opportunistic. Determined to scale strategically. Head of finances.